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Frequently Asked Questions about Auto Insurance in North Carolina

If you have auto insurance, you may have questions about your policy. Glick Insurance in Greensboro, NC provides the following guide. 

Auto Insurance FAQs

What do I do after an auto accident, according to my auto insurance policy?

Contact the auto insurance company that is responsible for compensating you for any damage to your vehicle and other problems. Get the names and contact information of anyone who was involved in the auto accident and any witnesses. Give the authorities and insurance companies your time and cooperation until it is resolved. Get any papers that the insurance company or authorities need, such as medical records, for example.

I have only liability auto insurance. Does this type of insurance pay for any repairs and medical bills if I were to have an auto accident? 

No, because liability insurance pays for the repairs to the other party’s vehicle or vehicles and any medical problems if you are at fault for the auto accident. 

If a college student is on your policy and will be attending college in a different state, will they still have auto insurance? 

Yes, this insurance policy is still covering the college student and their vehicle. The rate may need to be adjusted based on the new state where they would live.

If my insurance company cancels my policy, are they required to tell me why they did it?

Yes, they would need to give you the reason for a cancellation.

If you enlist in the military and are stationed in a different state, would your insurance policy still give you auto insurance coverage?

Yes, and your insurance policy will automatically be changed to have the liability limits for the new state. You may need to buy a new policy when your insurance needs to be renewed, however. 


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