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Driving Safely in Colder Weather

As the leaves begin to change and the temperature begins to drop, it’s time to start preparing for colder weather. And it’s wise to brush up on your driving skills and know how to travel via automobile safely in colder weather. Glick Insurance in Greensboro, NC can assist you with getting auto insurance coverage for your vehicle as well as related advice.

Here are some safe driving tips:

Prepare your vehicle

Ideally well before the cold weather arrives, get your vehicle ready. That includes making sure your tires are in great condition and properly inflated, getting an oil change, and catching up on any other required maintenance. Make sure your windshield wiper blades are in great condition and that your vehicle’s defroster and heat work correctly. Replace any parts as needed.

Have enough supplies

Make sure you have adequate supplies in your vehicle. That includes an ice scraper, snow shovel, extra blankets, paper maps, food and water. Also, always have at least half of a tank of fuel in your vehicle at all times. Make sure you have plenty of windshield wiper fluid in your vehicle at all times.

Keep current on safe driving skills

Make sure your cold weather driving skills are up to date. Make sure you know how to drive in ice, snow, and cold weather. If needed, take a class either online or in person that covers the skills you need to strengthen. When driving during bad weather conditions, slow down and use extra caution.

Know when to travel – or not

There are times when it is just not wise or safe to travel, and it is better to stay off the roads. It is wise not to travel during times of ice, snow, high winds, and frigid temperatures. Keep close tabs on weather forecasts and current conditions.

Get Auto Insurance For Your Vehicle

For more information about safe driving and auto insurance, contact Glick Insurance serving the greater Greensboro, NC community.

Frequently Asked Questions about Auto Insurance in North Carolina

If you have auto insurance, you may have questions about your policy. Glick Insurance in Greensboro, NC provides the following guide. 

Auto Insurance FAQs

What do I do after an auto accident, according to my auto insurance policy?

Contact the auto insurance company that is responsible for compensating you for any damage to your vehicle and other problems. Get the names and contact information of anyone who was involved in the auto accident and any witnesses. Give the authorities and insurance companies your time and cooperation until it is resolved. Get any papers that the insurance company or authorities need, such as medical records, for example.

I have only liability auto insurance. Does this type of insurance pay for any repairs and medical bills if I were to have an auto accident? 

No, because liability insurance pays for the repairs to the other party’s vehicle or vehicles and any medical problems if you are at fault for the auto accident. 

If a college student is on your policy and will be attending college in a different state, will they still have auto insurance? 

Yes, this insurance policy is still covering the college student and their vehicle. The rate may need to be adjusted based on the new state where they would live.

If my insurance company cancels my policy, are they required to tell me why they did it?

Yes, they would need to give you the reason for a cancellation.

If you enlist in the military and are stationed in a different state, would your insurance policy still give you auto insurance coverage?

Yes, and your insurance policy will automatically be changed to have the liability limits for the new state. You may need to buy a new policy when your insurance needs to be renewed, however. 


Contact Glick Insurance serving the greater Greensboro, NC community for expert advice on how your auto insurance policy works.

Thorough Look At Auto Insurance Policies

Glick Insurance serves the Greensboro, NC community. We strive to help our clients find policies so that they can navigate life’s risks. We work with different carriers in the area, enabling us to provide flexible coverage options. We look forward to helping you obtain the coverage you need to protect what matters most.

Thorough Look At Auto Insurance Policies

Auto insurance helps keep you safe as you navigate tricky road conditions in Greensboro, NC and beyond. Operating a vehicle comes with unique risks. Auto insurance adds a layer of protection if something were to happen while you’re on the road. Collision coverage protects you if your vehicle is damaged through impact with another driver. If you accidentally lose control of your vehicle and hurt someone or cause property damage, liability coverage protects you. You can add uninsured motorist coverage to your policy. This type of coverage protects you if your vehicle is damaged due to impact with a driver who does not have insurance. If you are riding in your car with a passenger, liability coverage also covers their medical treatment if they are injured in an accident.

Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle in unique situations. Perhaps you are a victim of theft. Maybe you are driving through a part of North Carolina prone to high winds and debris cracks your windshield or damages your mirror. These are common situations where comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle. If you use a personal vehicle to perform work-related tasks, you can add commercial auto insurance to cover any emergencies that may occur while you’re on the job. Adding emergency roadside assistance is also recommended. Emergency roadside assistance covers you if you need urgent towing service or help with a dead battery.

Glick Insurance Helps You Cover Your Assets

Contact us today to learn more information about auto insurance.  

Does Auto Insurance Cover Theft?

Do you have a car? If you do, then you may have to pay for auto insurance.

Auto Insurance: What Is It?

Auto insurance protects against liability and damage costs incurred due to an accident or other incident with someone else’s vehicle (or property). This coverage typically includes bodily injury to others involved in the accident as well as damage done by your vehicle, such as collision repair, medical payments or hospital bills, and property damage. It is important to note that bodily injury liability can include any amount of medical bills incurred during the accident, regardless of who is at fault (up to the limit of your coverage). Auto insurance thus serves as protection in case you cause an accident and must pay damages, or in case you are sued because someone else caused an incident through negligent behavior.

What About Theft?

If you have comprehensive coverage, it can cover theft of your vehicle or damage done to it. Comprehensive coverage is also known as "other than collision" (OTC) and does not require a claim against someone else’s car to be valid. That means you’re covered if your car was broken into, vandalized, or stolen with no fault on your part. When you purchase a policy, be sure to read the fine print to determine exactly what you are and aren’t covered for.

What Happens If You Don’t Have Auto Insurance?

Driving without insurance is illegal in most states. It can lead to ticket fines or more severe legal penalties. Also, if you are involved in an accident and don’t have auto insurance, it’s possible that the other party can sue you for damages. Depending on what coverage your state requires and the severity of the accident, you might end up paying a lot for damage to someone else’s property or injuring them with no insurance to cover it.

If you are looking to purchase an auto insurance policy, it’s also a good idea to have adequate comprehensive coverage as well. You can contact Glick Insurance with further questions regarding obtaining this type of coverage. Glick Insurance has helped many Greensboro, NC, residents get the proper insurance they need.

Risks of Driving Without Insurance

All states have laws regarding the requirement for drivers and car owners to carry the minimally required amount of auto insurance coverage. Unfortunately, because state laws mandate auto insurance, there are huge risks of driving without it. Ultimately, the price you have to pay will outweigh the savings you experience by forgoing auto insurance coverage in Greensboro, NC. 

If you are driving without insurance, give our agents a call today at Glick Insurance to discuss coverage options available. 

What happens if I get into an accident without auto insurance?

If you are found at fault for an accident you will be held liable for everything for boldly injuries to property damage. You also risk paying fines, having your vehicle impounded, and having your license suspended. 

If you are not found to be at fault, you may still face fines, having your vehicle impounded, and having your license suspended. Additionally, without insurance, it is more difficult to receive compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. 

What are the financial costs associated with driving without insurance?

Driving without insurance can be costly, especially when caught. The financial costs you pay can go beyond what you would have paid for insurance coverage. The consequences for driving without insurance varies depending upon the state where you were driving and pulled over. In most situations, if this is your first offense, you typically are fined and given time to get the required insurance. In some cases, you risk having your driver’s license and registration suspended until you pay the fines and show proof of insurance coverage. 

Do not let yourself get caught driving without auto insurance in Greensboro, NC. Call Glick Insurance today to discuss coverage options and get the coverage you need today. 

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