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4 Facts about flood insurance

Swimming through all the information about flood insurance can sink you quickly.

Fortunately, Glick Insurance in Greensboro, NC can throw you a life raft. We do more than just provide policies. Our experienced team can debunk the myths surrounding flood insurance.

Here are four facts about flood insurance that you should know:

Flood insurance is for everyone.

Flood insurance isn’t just for individuals who own a home. Landlords and condo associations may have their own plans, but these typically apply to the building structure only. Any damage to the interior, like furniture or appliances, may be excluded. Renters must fill this gap with their own plans.

Flood insurance is for all locations.

Flooding can occur anywhere. No matter where you live, you are at risk. And it’s much more common than you may think. In fact, a FEMA report stated that even residents in low-to-moderate risk areas are much more likely to face a flood when compared to house fires.

Flood insurance may not be included in other policies.

Homeowners and renters policies probably don’t shield you from flood damage. This is a common misconception. In reality, flooding is probably excluded altogether. Only a specific flood insurance policy will protect you from rising water.

Flood insurance is easy to add.

It’s simple to add flood insurance to existing policies. It’s purchased and issued by local, federally-supported companies. Pricing will vary. This is determined through a risk assessment based on your location.

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Floods happen when you least expect them. And disaster can strike no matter where you live. Luckily, Glick Insurance offers more than just information. Serving the greater Greensboro, NC community, our agency can help you prepare for the unexpected with a flood insurance policy. Schedule an appointment today.

Do You Need Commercial Umbrella Insurance in North Carolina?

When you are getting commercial insurance in Greensboro, NC, it is a good idea to consider commercial umbrella insurance. You’ll never know if you need it unless you need it. You never want to be in the position of needing it, and not having it.

At Glick Insurance, we want North Carolina business owners to feel secure and protected every time they open their doors.

What is Commercial Umbrella Insurance?

Many of your existing commercial insurance policies will cover standard problems. Commercial umbrella insurance is intended to give you an umbrella of coverage over the problems in business that aren’t standard. Your existing coverage will cover claims when problems arise, but it may not be enough.

When it’s not, commercial umbrella insurance will be there to protect you. A commercial auto insurance claim may cover your standard claim, but you may wind up in court over it. That’s where your commercial umbrella insurance will come in.

That is just one crisis that commercial umbrella insurance can cover. It can also cover extreme problems of a slip and fall, equipment breakdown, or extensive property damage. There are many cases of defamation, libel, and slander that commercial umbrella insurance can cover as well.

Why Commercial Umbrella Insurance?

Serious and significant claims are what commercial umbrella insurance is for. Many businesses think they won’t need commercial umbrella insurance because they think they will never have a crisis that big. 

There are thousands of slip and falls in emergency rooms in the United States every day. Some of those claims are out for every penny they can get. 

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If you want to protect your North Carolina business from a serious insurance crisis, commercial umbrella insurance is the answer. Call Glick Insurance for a quote today.

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