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North Carolina Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Umbrella Insurance in North Carolina

When you have a homeowners' policy and an auto policy, you have two types of policies that include liability coverage in them. However, this coverage is often not enough. To remedy that situation, there is umbrella insurance. If you are interested in an umbrella policy, contact us at Glick Insurance in North Carolina to speak to an agent.

Liability Amounts

With your home and auto policies in place, you have liability coverage in both. But in general, it is not enough to pay for a serious accident that occurs. Whether it is an accident that occurs on the road or in your own home, your liability for the medical bills can be far more than your home or auto policy will payout. That's why so many people choose to get umbrella insurance. This offers a higher maximum payout for your liability for both home and auto accidents.

How It Works

If there is a serious accident that you are liable for that is covered by either your home or auto insurance policy, that policy will pay for the medical bills up to its stated maximum payout. After that, you're responsible to pay the rest. That's where umbrella insurance comes in. It kicks in once the maximum of your other policy has been reached, and it will pay the overage up to its own maximum. This gives you far more liability coverage than you would have without an umbrella policy, and it can help you not have to pay an overage out of pocket.

Umbrella Insurance

Even if you have good home and auto insurance coverage, it might not be enough for today's high medical bills. To protect yourself even better, get an umbrella insurance policy. To talk with an agent, call us at Glick Insurance in North Carolina.

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