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Just like many states, you need to purchase auto insurance before driving your car in North Carolina. Failure to carry auto insurance while on the roads may land into trouble with the authorities...

Insurance experts always advise homeowners to plan for home insurance even before buying the home itself, as it plays a significant role in protecting your new investment. Always ask...

If you own a North Carolina business, there are two types of insurance coverage that most businesses are required to have. Don't risk fees or a fine by not having the proper commercial insurance...

Life insurance should not be an option if you live in North Carolina. Such is especially true of breadwinners who have others depending on their income to pay the bills. The agents at Glick...

When you have a homeowners' policy and an auto policy, you have two types of policies that include liability coverage in them. However, this coverage is often not enough...

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At Glick Insurance, it’s our passion to provide North Carolina residents with numerous insurance solutions. Because we understand that most people are looking for affordability and convenience, we provide the below insurance options to make insurance shopping easy for you.

Home insurance

Homeowners face numerous risks. Ranging from fire, theft to vandalism, homeowners need proper insurance to protect their invaluable assets. We provide home insurance to protect the building, contents, additional living expenses and offer liability protection to the homeowner and other family members.

Auto insurance

We provide auto insurance that ensures you comply with the law and one that protects you and your vehicle in case of an accident.

Boat insurance

Featuring over 5,000 miles of waterways, North Carolina provides a fantastic destination for boaters. We provide boat insurance for your peace of mind in the water. Contact us today for a quote.

Commercial insurance

With a bustling business community, North Carolina is a business hub whose economy hugely depends on small businesses. We play our part in ensuring that business thrives in the state by providing commercial insurance that ensures businesses succeed for years to come.

Umbrella insurance

We provide umbrella insurance that acts as extra liability protection when you are faced with substantial claims that exceed your typical home, auto, boat, or commercial insurance plan.

Life insurance

We provide life insurance plans that ensure that your dependents, businesses, and debts are well taken of when you die.

Renters insurance

Whether you have rented a home, condo, or apartment, we provide tenants with renters insurance that provides them with liability protection and covers their assets against losses and damages.

Motorcycle insurance

If you own a motorcycle or a motor scooter, we provide motorcycle insurance to ensure that you comply with the law and that you and your ride are covered in the event of an accident.

Would you like more information on the insurance options we offer? Please visit us at Glick Insurance. We have a heavy presence in North Carolina, serving 20 locations, including Greensboro, Charlotte, Raleigh, and other surrounding areas.

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